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As of 06:10:30 AM on Wednesday, August 10, 2022, the most recent weeks' worth of commit messages are as follows:

Friday, May 06, 2022
09:37:24 AM Steam 493 Mac cheevo fix.
09:30:38 AM Volver 624 Fixed Steam cheevo not popping
09:30:11 AM Steam 492 Updated Linux build to fix cheevo
Thursday, May 05, 2022
12:03:52 AM Steam 491 Updated to use what I believe to be a fixed version of the 10th anniversary version of Volver that will pop the Steam achievement on Window.
Friday, February 18, 2022
07:12:48 PM Ckmt 53 How long has this been not checked in?
Thursday, February 17, 2022
11:52:22 PM Nerd 4749 Re-added screen shake and flashing accessibility options. These don't apply to every game but there's no reason no to have them in the base game just in case, and Xan3 expects them, so they need to live SOMEWHERE.
11:33:52 PM Dev 125 Update the relocating script to operate on subfolders.
11:10:34 PM Verseedit 45 VERSEWOOD \ XAN3 \ CANON \ CANON-12 Export subpalette name instead of GUID.
10:55:55 PM Verse 335 VERSEWOOD \ XAN3 \ CANON \ CANON-12 Hey, I'm tired of hitting this assert. Also recompiled content with subpalette names instead of GUIDs.
10:55:13 PM Nerd 4748 Hey, better const usage.
09:46:52 PM Nerd 4747 Comment.
09:44:15 PM Nerd 4746 Weird Linux bug.
09:27:25 PM Nerd 4745 Comment.
09:21:54 PM Verse 334 VERSEWOOD \ XAN3 \ CANON \ CANON-12 Work in progress content changes for Linux.
09:05:15 PM Verse 333 VERSEWOOD \ XAN3 \ CANON \ CANON-12 NERD-110 changes and some updates to expects GUIDs instead of names (CANON-12).
08:58:34 PM Nerd 4744 NERD-110: Fix comparisons of this with NULL/nullptr. The frequent unsafe use of GetHandle() on possibly null NRTTIBase objects prompted a rewrite of some of this code, to include an implicit NRTTIBase-to-NHandle conversion, which I had previously said I didn't want for some reason. So each of these can implicitly be converted to the other, and the static NHandle::Get() function is the primary means of converting these with a null check.

Part of this may be unsafe on my current install of Linux, where calling any member function on a null object is unallowed and "this" may fail null comparisons. It's unclear whether passing a null "this" to another static function would work correctly or not.
Tuesday, February 15, 2022
06:50:43 PM Verse 332 Unvetted Mac updates.
06:50:31 PM Nerd 4743 Unvetted Mac updates.
Monday, February 14, 2022
11:44:42 PM Nerd 4742 Removed URLs. Don't need these.
11:41:44 PM Nerd 4741 NERD-108 and NERD-109: Revved the major version from 1 to 2 and removed "NFML" from public-facing text. (The "libconfig" console command will still show this, which is fine.)
11:14:41 PM Verse 331 VERSEWOOD \ XAN3 \ CANON \ CANON-12 Unreviewed Linux changes to be vetted on Windows.
11:14:32 PM Nerd 4740 Unreviewed Linux changes to be vetted on Windows.
11:05:11 PM Nerd 4739 Oops, lost an existing Linux fix here in the change to streams.
10:47:55 PM Nerd 4738 Better NFML audio shutdown.
10:18:14 PM Empty 13 Updated this based on Canon work in progress. Untested.
10:14:55 PM Verse 330 VERSEWOOD \ XAN3 \ CANON \ CANON-12 Added xiph libs from Tulpa. Adding on Windows, will test on Linux presently.
08:26:15 PM Verse 329 VERSEWOOD \ XAN3 \ CANON \ CANON-12 Updates from Linux Volver testing. is now the 64-bit version, and various other bits have been updated. Line endings have been changed to Unix (LF) from Win (CRLF), which the NERD projects already did a while ago.

I'll need to bring these changes over to Verse, Smol, and the empty project.

This has not actually been tested on Linux yet, but that'll be up next.
08:21:24 PM Nerd 4737 Linux Code::Blocks updates from Volver post-tenth-birthday testing. Not sure why this .depend files hadn't been populated before. The .cbp files seem to have gotten a little cleaner.
08:19:28 PM Nerd 4736 Brought this over from the Volver work. I'd previously renamed this nlog2() but I think I like Log2() better; it's consistent with, e.g., Abs().
07:58:36 PM Nerd 4735 Some work that overlaps Linux changes being tested in a post-tenth-birthday Volver. Can't compare this with null anymore (either NULL or nullptr).
07:47:03 PM Volver 623 Added workspace layout file, which appears to be a new thing.
07:39:55 PM Volver 622 THIS IS A POST-TENTH-BIRTHDAY COMMIT. Linux workspace updates and some bug fixes. These need to be vetted on Windows, where I have better diffing tools, and brought into main where appropriate.
07:39:33 PM Nerd 4734 SHIP_VOLVER THIS IS A POST-TENTH-BIRTHDAY COMMIT. Linux workspace updates and some bug fixes. These need to be vetted on Windows, where I have better diffing tools, and brought into main where appropriate.
Thursday, February 10, 2022
08:36:17 PM Verseedit 44 VERSEWOOD \ XAN3 \ CANON \ CANON-12 Fixed a couple more GUID things. This content still doesn't load in the game.
07:37:17 PM Nerd 4733 Added reserved tags for defined components. These are "Entity" and "EntInst," which have very specific purposes.

Also improved the syntax of these applicators.
07:19:09 PM Nerd 4732 Added a context to NDefinitionApplicator::GetDefinedComponent() so it can better report where missing component creation handlers are being requested from.
07:05:00 PM Dev 124 Added ALL fonts from Avalon, which is unnecessary, but hey.
Wednesday, February 09, 2022
10:41:20 PM Nerd 4731 Comment.
10:33:29 PM Nerd 4730 NERD-2: Serial resource data goes through cloud saves and transactions. This still uses stalls, but the rest should be good.
08:08:04 PM Nerd 4729 Checking in so I can roll back. Not everything here is done, but it's all stuff I'll want.

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